Review: NYX....on my good side again! (soft matte lip creams)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

After one experience with NYX's glitter gel eye products, I was turned off to trying anymore NYX products, but after trying one of the NYX soft matt lip creams, I wanted to get more colors. Matt lip products look nice on my lips as opposed to glosses. I think the main reason why I love these so much has to do with them making my lips feel really moisturized.  They are cruelty free products. Oh and if you're wondering about the smell, they do have a sort of....cotton candy smell. hahah I love cotton candy, so it doesn't bother me. Although, the darkest red, Monte Carlo Monte Carlo smells a tiny bit like alcohol. What I noticed on the bottles, is each one of them have different expirations dates from the time of opening. Tokyo and Amsterdam have a 9 month life span whereas Milan has a 12 month, and Monte Carlo Monte Carlo has the longest with 18 months. My favorite out of my current four would have to be Milan. I still haven't decided which of the reds I like best. And that's partly due to them being very similar in color except MC MC has maybe a deeper wine red color to it. If anyone has any color suggestions for me to try, be sure to let me know!

(In order from Left to Right: Monte Carlo Monte Carlo, Amsterdam, Milan, Tokyo)

After trying these lip creams, I think I am up for trying their lipsticks now. Hopefully, I love them as much as I love these! Remember to let me know if you have a favorite color you think I should try!

Love and Hugs

Maybelline Color Show Review (Pinkalicious + Orange Fix)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Have I ever mentioned how impatient I am with dry time when painting my nails? I have a friend who tells me I need to do light coats and wait for them to dry and then keep applying coats...she's a nail freak. Ain't nobody got time fo' dat! lol Or at least, I don't. So I layer on thick coats and expect it to dry immediately. hahaha talk about high expectations. Well, I decided to give these Color Show lacquers a try because they look so pretty in both packaging and colors. I bought Pinkalicious #170 and Orange Fix #220 because they're colors I can wear to edm festivals or concerts. I actually love these. I've used them so much they're practically down to half the bottle. I want to buy more colors now. I use two coats of this stuff and they dry fast enough for my expectations. They're also colors that look good on my skin tone especially when I use them together...they make my hands look tan. lol I'm pretty pale at the moment...and hopefully I get a tan in Florida. My friends make fun of me because sometimes I'm light and other times I look dark....I like to tell them that I'm just the color of a pancake. I can either look burnt, undercooked, or I could be the color of a perfect pancake. hahahah! Anyways, back to the nail polish. I loved these colors so much, they inspired me to make kandi bracelets for my trip to Tomorrowworld. :) Then, I got bored and doodled with my nail polishes. lol Cute though, right? Anyone want to recommend colors from this line, let me know!

Love and Hugs


2013 May/June Favorites

Monday, June 17, 2013

Finally! I've managed to gather up some favorites to share. :) These were supposed to be my May favorites....but my internet went down towards the beginning of June and by the time it worked again, I thought it was too late to post. So, I'm posting it now as a May/June favorites. May was a very social month for me. It's been a great month for me to try out different products and see what works for me and my nights out.

The Body Shop's Bronze Shade in warm glow 02 $22
So, I flew to Philly for a quick spontaneous weekend trip. I met up with some childhood friends, had some drinks, and flew back home in time for work. I had so much fun visiting my home town. While I was waiting at the airport in Philly, I saw for the first time, The Body Shop. I've always been curious to see what all the buzz was about. I walked in and looked around for a good minute. I tried several products and even had the salesgirl show me some products. After trying so many different makeup products, I finally decided to buy one of their bronzers. It cost me $22 but I knew if I did not like it, I could return it to one of the stores in Atlanta. It has shimmer which is what I want for the summer. It's not overpowering on my face. It's really subtle which is perfect because I like to wear my nyx blush too. I Just bought it, but I had to throw it into my favorites because I wear it almost every day.

Beyonce Midnight Heat body lotion
Every time I go out and want to make sure I smell good, I don't rely on my perfumes because I've noticed whenever I wear the Midnight Heat lotion from Beyonce, it without fail, ALWAYS gets compliments. Everyone wants to know what it is I'm wearing. I would definitely describe it as a seductive scent.

Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Lacey Lilac 270
Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Coral Reef 405
I took these from my sister, shhh! I was drawn to the colors immediately. Lacey Lilac reminds me of Taro Bubble Tea. Mmmm speaking of...I could go for some right now. You can see it on my claws below. Coral Reef has the perfect mix of pink and orange. I'm very picky about the nail polishes I buy. I have very little patience when it comes to waiting for nail polish to dry. Am I the only one who gets impatient with dry time? I've even tried using dry shampoo to speed up the dry time...but it just left a weird residue on my nails. Anyways, these polishes don't take too long. So they are good in my book! At $3 I can't complain.

Elf Blush in Fushia Fusion $3
Elf Blush in Pink Passion $3
I've had these blushes for a while now and never bothered to open them because I stopped wearing blush for a while. One day I decided to use them again and I remembered how much I love blush. I think I'm becoming slightly...obsessed. And I'm trying really hard to hit the pan on these before I go buy more blush.  I like shimmer and glitter right now so I've been beginning to make a dent in Fushia Fusion. I feel like it makes me look like a more cheerful person at work with the glitter. bahahaha am I crazy? But for those days I don't want shimmer, I reach for Pink Passion. It doesn't come out like the hot pink it appears to be, but more of a light bubble gum baby pink. Does that make sense? Maybe I should have swatch'd it. haha it's still pretty. They're really affordable at around $3 each. 

MAC frost lipstick in Angel $15
I LOVE this lipstick. It has easily become my go to lipstick because I feel like it moisturizes my lips as I wear it. It's a beautiful mauve colored nudey pink. And as you can see from the photo's time for a new one.  

Loreal true match foundation in natural beige W4 $9
For the past year, I've been trying different types of drugstore foundations, but I finally came back to my Loreal true match. I feel like it gives more coverage than most of the other foundations I've tried. 

NYX Full coverage concealer in Beige $5
This is still my favorite affordable concealer. It's creamy, thick, and doesn't crease. As you can see in my photo, I already have an empty jar and my new jar next to it. My only downside to this is I wish the packaging was in a stick form instead of a jar. I've tried the new true match concealer stick, but still prefer this one to that -even if that one comes in a stick form. AND it cost a few dollars less. 

NYX eye/eyebrow pencil in black $3
I have been looking for a really good eyeliner pencil and have tried so many, but they come off too easily. I'm always open for recommendations, but I tried NYX's eye pencils and I'm liking it so far. A black eye liner is a must-have basic for me, but it's important I find a good one that goes on easily and stays on so, I will be sure to keep this one hand.

My neon yellow banana colored pumps from Charlotte Russe
These neon pumps have been my go to shoes for a fun night out. While most girls have heels that are killing their feet at the end of the night, I could keep these heels on until I make it back home. Thats why I had to put them into my favorites. They are my wildcard pair of heels. I could build so many outfits around these heels. I even wore these to go see Audrey Napolean. I tweeted her telling her I was going to wear them in honor of her song Banana Soda es Muy Loca, and she totally read the tweet. When I actually got to meet her, she saw them and told me she loved them. She's awesome I love her. Check out her super cool, creepy, creative music video, Poison. hahaha 

So whats next? I will probably do a post on my everyday makeup since I wear the majority of these products everyday. I also wanted to share how to get more looks from one bold dress featuring my banana heels too. My next post though will be a collective beauty haul since I photographed everything at the same time as this. :) I will hopefully make videos soon too. I just need to get my camera fixed because I broke it on accident during one of my girls nights out. :( Boo. Okay well until my next post guys! 

Luv and Hugs

Sushi Niko Niko

Friday, February 22, 2013


I have been one very boring chick lately. This usually happens when I party too hard over a weekend. Well that weekend was two weeks ago for my friends birthday and I feel like I just now recuperated. Just in time for two more birthdays this week....
Shortly after my last post, I got sick...again. It came with all the weather changes here in Georgia. Georgia has some really bipolar weather. One day we can have flurries and the next it will be 70 degree weather. I should look into moving somewhere waaay warmer. lol
Good news! I've been keeping up with my workouts. Eating....yea, I still need to work on that. Fast food is however out of my diet for the most part. :) I really feel stronger now, but I think I'll focus on more cardio to lose some weight for Miami which is in like....3 and a half weeks. OMG! I can't wait for hot weather and Ultra Music Festival. 

Sushi Niko Niko:

So last weekend I was craving good sushi...well I've been craving sushi since I went to that Korean BBQ place. I used to go to this really good sushi place by my old apartments in the Mall of Georgia area, but haven't been there since I moved areas. :( I took a few photos because the food was worthy lol I wish I would have taken photos of the restaurant itself. They redecorated and I couldn't stop looking at this HUGE beautiful mirror and chandeliers. Anyways, I had what they called the Mall of Georgia roll. My favorite after a friend recommended it to me. It taste like a California roll with yummy lobster bits on top. Unfortunately, this time around, they didn't make it as pretty as it usually looks, and they didn't drizzle the orange spicy sauce on it. :( I also tried their bagel rolls and I loved them. I love any sushi with cream cheese in it. SOOOOO delicious, I think I'm craving again. My boyfriend had himself some adventurous sushi. I can't remember what it was called, but it had tuna and salmon on top of his sushi rolls. I have nothing bad to say about his sushi. It looked pretty and it tasted good too. 
I never used to like sushi. I tried it one time and spit it right back out. I'm obsessed with sushi now.

I haven't been posting anything on my blog lately because I've been trying to edit some videos for my blog, and I can't believe how much can go into videos. Maybe one of these days I can get one of them up. I have two videos pending and I'm not sure if I will publish them. One is on violent lips tattoos and the other on a nail tutorial. We will see..

Luv and Hugs

Korean BBQ anyone?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

My update:

"Good news everyone! I've been sticking to my workouts!! My legs and abs are the most sore right now from yesterdays workout. I can't wait until spring comes around. I really feel much stronger. Better stamina, better flexibility. This time around, my friend started working out with me. Yaay for company. I have to start eating healthier though. I think I'll browse pinterest for some recipes."

Korean BBQ anyone?:

It was my friend's birthday last week and we decided to go eat at a Korean BBQ buffet. It cost about $18 a person for an all you can eat Korean BBQ dinner. I never tried it before, so I was curious to see what all the buzz was about. The restaurant we went to had sushi, rice, dumplings, desserts, veggies, and several different types of raw meat. RAW MEAT?! Yup, you heard me right. You pick out the types of raw meat you want and take it back to the table where you cook the meat on this grill in the middle of the table. Pretty cool. I was sooo full at the end of the night! I really really really loved the sushi. At first I wasn't too fond of eating sushi from an unfamiliar place, but it turned out to be super yummy! I'm a sushi fanatic. I never used to be. I took a couple of photos to share. I really love finding out about these different dining experiences. If anyone knows of any cool places I should check out, let me know below!

Luv and Hugs

My nose loves these!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I just needed to write about these 3 candles I purchased over the holidays. As you may or may not know, I don't like spending $20 on a candle, but since Bath & Body Works was having a sale....I decided to look for a scent that I would really love and enjoy. Here are the 3 scents I would buy again...

Peach Bellini
Cranberry Pear Bellini
Frosted Cranberry

I absolutelly LOVE the bellini candles....they make my room smell AMAZING! They are super sweet and refreshing scents. They make me want to drink a bellini.........hahah! I also went ahead and grabbed the decorative candle holder. What are those called? Anyways, if they still have these scents in stores, go give them a sniff!

Luv and Hugs

Chapter 7: Let's do this!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Let me rant!

"I'm still here! I'm staying motivated and dedicated to my blogs and fitness. Even though my buns and thighs burn and I am in some serious pain...I'm pretty happy about it. If I keep up my fitness activity levels, I will be in good shape to get my crazy on at Ultra Music Festival in March. ;) Raving is a raving is a SPORT. As far as my blogging goes...keep reading! Here is blog #2 of this year. Hopefully, I can get more blogs out during my work week."

Chapter 7: Let's do this!

One of the gifts I received this year for Christmas was something I asked for. The Tinsel Town OPI nailpolish holiday gift set from Sephora. I always look at these every year for the holidays, but never buy them because they usually come with colors I don't gravitate towards. This year, I actually liked the colors in the Tinsel Town gift set.

Why I love the OPI gift sets:

I don't know about you guys, but I hesitate buying nail polishes. I don't want to go crazy and buy a ton of them because they look pretty in the bottle. If I do that, I end up with polishes I never use and they end up going bad. Either that or the consistency changes over time (which I just recently found out how to undo that thanks to a nail polish hoarder friend lol) Oh and sometimes, I flat out don't like the consistency/color pay off/formula to begin with. I remember buying a Revlon nail polish in a light bubble gum baby pink (do you like my description?) not too long ago and it turned me off so much, I don't even look at that brand of nail polish. For now anyways. The color I got was Pink Chiffon. Ok. Let me get back to my point. WHAT I LOVE about the OPI gift sets is the fact that the polishes are mini sized. I get to try them out and see how I feel about them before spending $10 on them and committing. I'm not sure if the set is still for sale together online, however, they do sell the colors separately on

BONUS full sized nail polish:

Did I mention this set came with my FAVORITE gold glitter top coat??? I think that is what made me want it even more. 'Only Gold For Me' has me staring at my fingers ALL the time. I already have this top coat, but it's almost out and it looks so abused lol. I bought it almost exactly a year ago. I spent a whole week thinking about it before I purchased it. I remember trying it on at the store and walking out constantly looking at the finger that had it on. It looks great alone or as a top coat.

Here they are:

Polishes in order:
  • I'm Wired
  • Already Famous
  • A True Romantic
  • What Aura Gonna Wear?
  • And A Cherry On Top
  • S-age is Just a Number
  • I Think I Cayenne
  • Read My Palm
  • Justa' Pinch of Glitter
  • Just A Little Dangerous
  • I Don't Bite
  • Thyme For a Mani
  • Meet Me at the Disco 
  • Leotard Optional
  • Merry Me
  • Break a Leg Warmer!
  • Bonus Full Sized Top Coat: Only Gold For Me

    I can't wait to try all of these and figure out which ones I will repurchase!

    Luv and Hugs

DIY: Skull Cut Out Tshirt

Monday, November 19, 2012

So in this blog post, I think I might have gone a little...graphic crazy lol I came across a DIY video which led me to this website called and I love the ideas this girl has, including the skull t-shirt. I loved it so much, I went into my boyfriend's closet and stole his black t-shirt and cut it up. He can't get mad at me if it looks super cool...right?
Skulls are super trendy right now, and I keep seeing them on clothing sites. So, I decided to try this DIY...and if it failed, I could always go buy it online hahaha! I'm glad I succeeded though! I love DIYs <3 As a matter of fact, a lot of things in these photos were DIY, from the hair to the shirt to the jeans to the studded boots to the studded shorts to my wooden floors! Now that I think about it...maybe I need an intervention...

Until next time...or months (haha just kidding!)
Luv and Hugs

Ps- I'm trying to find more blogs to follow, but haven't figured out the best way to go about it. I need a big directory which is why I joined BlogsByLatinas and now I want to try this blog hop on bloglovetherapy. Anybody have any good ideas on where to find more blog directories related to beauty/fashion/diys?

Bath and Body Works Haul

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Whenever October comes rolling around, I have the urge to buy BBW foaming hand soaps. I have to say though, I really was hoping to find the same Halloween hand soap from last year and totally didn't find it. :( I guess they're limited edition to each year.
Last year, I had this glow in the dark foaming hand soap that got soooooo many and I mean MANY compliments from my guests. Everyone would want to wash their hands with it and smell the delicious apple scent on their fingers. lol I was also looking for a mini hand sanitizer I had last year. It too glowed in the dark and was purple and black and smelled yummy. Buuuut...they didn't have the scent anymore. I'm still mad it spilled all over my purse last year. :( It took me a long time to realize why my handbag smelled good every time I opened it -__- yea..
I bought 4 hand soaps and 2 room sprays to start me off for the coming Holiday seasons! In addition, I received these 3 little candles for my birthday! :) I just love October! 

Candles: Black Pepper Bergamot. Cafe Au Lait. Marshmallow Fireside.
Room Sprays: Autumn. Cranberry Woods. Merry Mistletoe (stole this one from my mom)
Hand Soaps: Orchard Walk. White Citrus. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. Eucalyptus.

My thoughts:
Black Pepper Bergamot smells like a zesty men's cologne to me with that hint of black pepper smell. It has lavender in it, and I'm not a lavendar fan AT ALL, but I don't smell it so that is good.
Cafe Au Lait smells like a warm sugary vanilla/white chocolate drink with cinnamon sprinkled on top of it. lol Now...not only am I not a lavender scent kinda person, I'm not a vanilla/baked goods scented candles kind of person, but I think I can bare this scent. :) Plus, its small so it won't overwhelm me and my home. This candle really reminds me of my mom's leche arroz yummmmm
Marshmallow Fireside smells like a lighter vanilla mixed with the smell of the abercrombie and fitch store in the mall during the holiday seasons. hahah

Autumn room spray instantly transforms my rooms into the outdoor fall scents
Cranberry Woods is a sweet smelling Christmas scent. It reminds me of wreaths.
Merry Mistletoe is the spray I stole from my mom haha! It smells like a warm inviting Christmas tree!

Orchard Walk reminds me to that green apple Halloween soap I couldn't find this time around. It leaves that apple smell lingering on my hands
White Citrus smells like a zesty lemon scent that I will keep at my kitcken sink!
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin smells like a warm fall day. Nothing too crazy
Eucalyptus is my favorite relaxation scent. It reminds me of spas. I even got my friend hooked on this one! I was debating on getting two of these.

Oh wow my nose hurts from smelling all these scents! I can't wait for more Holiday scents to arrive! Until next time!

Luv and Hugs

Girls Night Out at a Persian Restaurant

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Did someone say Persian restaurant?? Count me in! Okay...okay, so maybe I wasn't ALL for it when my friend invited me to girls night, but that was only because I was super tired. In the end, I ended up always. Yolo right? We went to Fanoos Persian Cuisine for our girl's night. Which was a great change from our weekly ladies night at a bar. Hey, what can I say, I like the free drinks at our usual lol ;)
I must say though... I never had Persian kabobs before...or any type of kabobs actually, but my ground beef kabob was super tasty! As far as how it looked...we couldn't help but laugh as you can see below for yourself.  If you've never been to a Persian place, you should consider going. It's a fun entertainment atmosphere with belly dancers, hookah, dinner, and drinks? And don't sit at your normal table with chairs either!! Go for the cushions, sit Indian style, and enjoy some hookah! :) Next time, I won't get apple hookah. It tasted more like black licorice. Not my I wish I would have taken more photos of the time.

Luv and Hugs

August Little Black Bag + Fall Accesories ♥

Monday, September 10, 2012

I received my little black bag in the mail last week and I'm finally posting photos of what I got! (Quick note about LBB: It is a monthly subscription where you pick an item of your choice, then 2 others will be selected for you. If unsatisfied with any of your items, you have one week to trade with others before it is shipped) If you want to know more about Little Black Bag, read my earlier post: Little Black Bag + trading

What I got in my August Little Black Bag:

All the Rage chandelier earrings $22
Case-Mate (Jessica Swift) Peacock iphone 4/4s case $40
Nila Anthony Clutch with Leaves $66

What my cost was: $29.95

The cuff and bracelet are from forever21. I'm not sure if you can tell or not...but I used the hell out of my case. I don't know how many times I've dropped it this past weekend on my night out on the town. Thank goodness it doesn't have a cracked screen! Shoes from left to right: Steve Madden, Nine West, Dollhouse, and Delicious. I really have to wear these shoes more often. It makes me sad to leave them on their shelf collecting dust. They're so pretty, I need to show them off more. Until next time!

Luv and Hugs

Target Beauty Freebie!

I get a lot of surprises in the mail...such as my electric bill, but most of the time, I get a bunch of goodies! I often forget that I sign up for free samples, magazine subscriptions, etc. This week, I received this little goodie bag from Target. I seriously do not remember signing up for this...but I will take it! :) When I opened it, I found out it was because I'm a subscriber to Latina magazine! .....another thing I don't remember signing up for.... Let's take a look to see what came in it!

What I got:

A beauty coupon booklet
A 1oz sample of Tresemme split remedy shampoo
A pack of Pond's 5 wet cleansing towelettes
A sample of Maybelline's dream fresh bb cream
A cheetah print pouch

As you can see from my photos, I already have the Tresemme split end remedy shampoo and conditioner! It smells soooooo good. I even had a guy come up to me and ask me what shampoo I used because he could smell it every time I walked by him. I was stunned because it had been hours since I washed my hair. I felt a difference after my first wash and saw it in three.
The Ponds wipes didn't burn my eyes and it smelled nice too. I love how pretty and feminine the wipes looked! I almost don't want to ruin it with all my makeup. I still have yet to try the bb cream, but if I like it enough, I may go out and buy it. :)
Do you want a target beauty bag? I heard Target gives these away to those who sign up for them, but I think it is only once a year. Correct me if I'm wrong. Just like TargetStyle on facebook. They also do giveaways on twitter ;)

Luv and hugs