How To: Get wax out of candle jars

Friday, June 15, 2012

 Here I have some of my favorite candles, 3 of which I got at walmart for $5 each. I LOVE these walmart candles. They last a good long while and burn all the way to the bottom.

 Step 1: Gather your old used up candles
 Step 2: Peel off any plastic labels
 Step 3: Run hot water over any stickers on the bottom and scrape off
 Taadaa! label-free jar :)
 Step 4: In a bigger container, fill with hot water and let the jar sit in the water for 5min until wax is soft
 Step 5: Use a butter knife to scrape up the wax
 Step 6: Play with balled up jk

 Step 7: Use butter knife to pry up wicks
 Step 8: Wipe down the inside of jar with a paper towel for easier cleaning

 Step 9: Wash your jar by hand until squeaky clean and fill with whatever you like! I like to use mine for q-tips, cotton balls, candies, kitty balls, buttons...etc.
Next time you are about to throw out your candle jar, think about re-using it for some other purpose. I love using these to hold items, but I also love the mason jars for frosting and holding flowers. 

-Luv and hugs