DIY: Spiked Boots

Monday, July 2, 2012

......Hellooooh Boots.....

I finally did it! I finally spiked my boots, and I LOVE them!!! I now have this addiction to spiking and studding everything in sight because of it. Oh and believe me when I say this, these boots are serious weapons. If someone were to break into my home and managed to get past the 2 dogs on the first level and our 2 dogs on the lower level....I'd grab these babies and....well let me stop it at that.

Here is what I used:
An x-acto knife (or a drill...but I'm super clumsy and I was out of my hello kitty band-aids)
A needle tool (from my pottery kit)
1/2 inch silver cone spikes (size 13 from
A phillips head screwdriver

I started by making tiny holes with my needle tool...
...and after making a bunch of tiny holes on the spots I wanted my spikes, I used my x-acto knife to make bigger holes. :) Just stick the point into the tiny hole you made previously, and start spinning it inwards. It's the same motion a drill would do.
When you make the hole big enough, just stick your spike inside and attach the screw-back. Make sure you tighten it with a screwdriver. Unfortunately, I was more focused on filming this project than taking photos, therefore please excuse my lack of step by step photos.
This is how my boots looked at the end of it. I've gotten soooo many compliments on them so far! I'm thinking about adding different sized spikes to them, opinions? Anyways, I hope this helped someone out there or at least inspired someone. :) I really hope I can find it in myself to finish editing this video. 

More DIY's to come: Studded faux leather clutch, studded acid wash/dyed/ombre/destroyed shorts, faux snakeskin clutch

-Luv and hugs