Birthday Beauty Freebie!

Friday, August 24, 2012

I am one month away from my birthday and it is the time of year that my email gets bombarded with free ice cream reminders. lol but what about those of us who are ::cough cough:: trying to be good? What do we get for our birthday?? Well, if you have a Sephora store near you, you can sign up for a beauty freebie! All you have to do is either go to the store itself or online to their website and sign up for the beauty insider program. No worries, it's free! Every time you buy an item at Sephora you will receive points which you can use to redeem special items. A rewards program pretty much. But here is the best part! Every year for your birthday, you can stop by your nearest Sephora and pick up your free beauty gift for that year! Last year, they were giving away a philosophy product. The year before that, I think I received a benefit eyeshadow primer. This year....with a little google search, I found out what the item is for this year:

I can't wait! I have to remember to pick mine up before I leave for vacation. So don't forget to pick up your gift this year if your birthday hasn't passed already!

Luv and Hugs