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Monday, August 20, 2012

I think I just found a new obsession which might hurt my wallet. :( But with a little self control, I might be able to approach this obsession rationally. I just recently heard about the monthly subscription, Little Black Bag. I usually don't go for any of these monthly online subscriptions because I really don't want to get stuck with items I don't necessarily care for, need, or love. So let me explain how Little Black Bag works!

On the website, you take a style quiz and they will show you a huge selection of items you may be interested in based on your answers. You pick an item you like the most (pick something worth over $50 which is usually a bag) pay for either a monthly subscription of $49.95 (or a one time purchase for $59.95), LBB will then select 2 other items to put in your bag. From there, if you don't like the items you have, you can trade them within 7days to other users for items you may like better! If you sign up for the monthly subscription, you can always skip a month! Just read the rules on their website! Here is how my 1st bag looked like and how my trading went down!

I loved the bag I picked, but didn't care at all for the hoops and wasn't a big fan of the fuschia nail color. After that, i was hooked on the trading part. Not bad for $29.95 huh? How did I get it for $29.95 instead of $49.95? I took advantage of a 48hr 50% promo code which took my price down to $25 plus shipping. Which is great because it gave me a chance to test out the site. Unfortunaetly, there was a mix up with my promo code. I entered it in and it gave me the discounted price, but after entering my credit card number, the reduced price was back up to it's regular price. I emailed the company, and they responded back the same day! They told me the promo code had expired and shouldn't have appeared valid in my bag, so they gave me my own promo code. :)

Remember, you can avoid receiving something in the mail that you won't like if you READ the info box. Get your tape measure/ruler out and see if the dimensions will work for you whether it be earrings or a bag! That, my LBB TIP. haha. This is only my first bag, so I didn't take a lot of risks like some of you pros out there ending with 600 items in your bag. lol  My total retail price would have been $128, but with my LBB 48hr promo code I only spent $25 plus shipping. AWESOME! If you are interested in seeing what my bag actually looks like in person, stay tuned for that blog post! Also, below I will list my referral link. I will receive $25 in a free item towards my next bag if anyone signs up through it. Everyone has a referral link, and you can share them with your friends! Stay tuned for the real-life LBB photos!

Click here for my referral link ---> Little Black Bag Referral Link

Promo code: Facebook10 (for your 1st bag only)

Want to trade with me?My LBB Profile (See if I have a bag open)

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