Bath and Body Works Haul

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Whenever October comes rolling around, I have the urge to buy BBW foaming hand soaps. I have to say though, I really was hoping to find the same Halloween hand soap from last year and totally didn't find it. :( I guess they're limited edition to each year.
Last year, I had this glow in the dark foaming hand soap that got soooooo many and I mean MANY compliments from my guests. Everyone would want to wash their hands with it and smell the delicious apple scent on their fingers. lol I was also looking for a mini hand sanitizer I had last year. It too glowed in the dark and was purple and black and smelled yummy. Buuuut...they didn't have the scent anymore. I'm still mad it spilled all over my purse last year. :( It took me a long time to realize why my handbag smelled good every time I opened it -__- yea..
I bought 4 hand soaps and 2 room sprays to start me off for the coming Holiday seasons! In addition, I received these 3 little candles for my birthday! :) I just love October! 

Candles: Black Pepper Bergamot. Cafe Au Lait. Marshmallow Fireside.
Room Sprays: Autumn. Cranberry Woods. Merry Mistletoe (stole this one from my mom)
Hand Soaps: Orchard Walk. White Citrus. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. Eucalyptus.

My thoughts:
Black Pepper Bergamot smells like a zesty men's cologne to me with that hint of black pepper smell. It has lavender in it, and I'm not a lavendar fan AT ALL, but I don't smell it so that is good.
Cafe Au Lait smells like a warm sugary vanilla/white chocolate drink with cinnamon sprinkled on top of it. lol Now...not only am I not a lavender scent kinda person, I'm not a vanilla/baked goods scented candles kind of person, but I think I can bare this scent. :) Plus, its small so it won't overwhelm me and my home. This candle really reminds me of my mom's leche arroz yummmmm
Marshmallow Fireside smells like a lighter vanilla mixed with the smell of the abercrombie and fitch store in the mall during the holiday seasons. hahah

Autumn room spray instantly transforms my rooms into the outdoor fall scents
Cranberry Woods is a sweet smelling Christmas scent. It reminds me of wreaths.
Merry Mistletoe is the spray I stole from my mom haha! It smells like a warm inviting Christmas tree!

Orchard Walk reminds me to that green apple Halloween soap I couldn't find this time around. It leaves that apple smell lingering on my hands
White Citrus smells like a zesty lemon scent that I will keep at my kitcken sink!
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin smells like a warm fall day. Nothing too crazy
Eucalyptus is my favorite relaxation scent. It reminds me of spas. I even got my friend hooked on this one! I was debating on getting two of these.

Oh wow my nose hurts from smelling all these scents! I can't wait for more Holiday scents to arrive! Until next time!

Luv and Hugs