Latina Review: Too Faced CAT EYES Palette $36

Saturday, January 10, 2015

I know it's been a really long time since I have paid any attention to my blog, but I've recently made some changes to it, and I almost have it to where I like it :). This past year, instead of blogging, I spent a lot of my time traveling and going to many many many music festivals and shows. Now that I feel like I have a better balance of my life, I want to start up my blog again, and maybe even pursue a youtube channel or two. We shall see!

Because I have been frequently sporting my cat eye look lately, one of the gifts I received for Christmas was the Too Faced CAT EYES palette, and I wanted to write a review on it. With so many palettes out there, it always helps to read reviews! Okay so here is my honest opinion on this…I don't think it's a palette every girl should have. There are a few eyeshadows I love about it, but as a Latina, I sit here and wonder when the heck I will use some of the colors in it. I think I even saw WhatWouldLizzyDo on youtube put hers in a box she was sending out to Glambot. I like to gravitate towards golden shimmer eyeshadows to put in the inner corners of my eyes because it will always brings out the golden color of your skin, especially if you're Latina! I couldn't get that with the 3 light colors in this palette. I even tried using Purr, Meow, and Kitten on my eyelids…and I wasn't really feeling the color. They're just too pink, white, and chalky for my skin tone. I can't work with chalky eyeshadows. :(!!! I even tried the looks on the pamphlet they give you, but they're not always for everyone. Okay, moving on...You get two matt shadows (Meow and Panther) and the rest are shimmery.  At this point, I only have 6 eyeshadows left that I can use because Purr, Meow, and Kitten are too light for me. Panther is a matt black and of all the black eyeshadows I own, I do not gravitate towards this one. Bummer…

Let's move on to the positive things I have to say about this palette! Tiger's Eye is a pretty bronzy brown that I love using in my crease for smokey eyes! It's gorgeous, I love it, I know this will be the first eyeshadow to hit pan on this palette! Leopard is a dark brown that I usually use on the outer corners of my eyes for a smokey eye with Tiger's Eye. Pussy Cat is a pinkish-lavendar more on the pink side that I do like lining the top of my cat eye with. It's a great color to apply on the eyelid too. I don't usually wear pinks, but I could do with this color. Jungle Love is a dark almost black purple with purple glitters in it. I do love this color for the outer corner of the eye for a smokey look or as a smoked out cat eye. Kitty Litter is a silver/blue metallic shadow with metallic glitter in it. I don't really use this color much, but when I do…I put it on my eyelids on a grey/black smokey eye look.

So what is my conclusion? I probably wouldn't buy this for myself. I don't really see this working for many Latina's like myself. However, if you are more fair-skinned, this could totally be a different story for you. I love too faced products, but this one is just not one of them :( Has anyone else swatched this palette or used it? Maybe even have a different outcome than I have? I'd love to hear it, comment below and stay tuned for looks I will create with this palette.

Until next time, 
Good vibes!