Too Faced CAT EYES Look #1

Monday, January 12, 2015

As promised, I used my Too Faced CAT EYES palette to create a look. The first look I wanted to show you guys is more on the neutral side. I only used Tiger's Eye, Leopard, and Panther along with one of my favorite Mac pigments from their holiday collection (Objects of Affection) for the inner corner of my eyes. 

Let's start out with a fresh, primed, and moisturized face, also known as…the scary face. 

Now that we got well acquainted with my baby face, I like to apply my foundation and brows before I apply my eye makeup like so….

Not bad, not bad at all. Before we go on, I'm going to finish one of my eyes. Here is where I cheat and use my favorite golden eye pigment from MAC's (gold+ beige) Objects of Affection collection on the inner corners of my eyes. The pigment I used is called English Gilt. I really love how it highlights and brings out the golden tones in my skin. I feel all extra tan ;) Now THIS pigment was made for us pancake colored Latinas!

I really love English Gilt by itself. I wear it by itself with my everyday makeup. Next up, I will be grabbing Tiger's eye with a blending brush and working it on the outer corner of my eye. I also apply some with a thin brush under my waterline.

Tiger's Eye blends nicely into English Gilt. This is where I darken the outer corner of my eye by grabbing Leopard with the same blending brush.

Next, I grab a tiny bit of Panther and apply that on the middle outer corner of my eye. I only use it to darken it up a little bit more. Nothing too drastic. Oh, and of course on the outer corner under my waterline too. This will add a smokey affect when I apply my eyeliner.

 Just a little more blending…then I can apply my favorite black eyeliner. I use MAC's eye pencil in SMOLDER. It's super black and out of all the eye pencils I've tried so far, this one is my favorite!

I have fairly long lashes so I'm not much of a false lash wearer. All I need is a good coat of mascara and wah-lah! I forgot to take a photo of my mascara, but I curled my lashes and then applied MAC's False Lashes Mascara in False Black. 

And there you have it! Look #1 from the Too Faced CAT EYES palette. I wish the Too Faced Palette had a more golden tone eyeshadow for the inner corner of my eyes like the MAC pigment. The light pink/white colors don't flatter my skin tone. :( Stay tuned for my next look with this palette! Any questions? Comment below! If you have this palette, show me how you use yours!

Until next time,
Good vibes!