Let's make a lifestyle change...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Summer is around the corner again and I'm feeling motivated to change my eating habits again. I'm really trying to eat healthier again…meaning I will be cooking at home more often and making fruit/veggie smoothies in the morning. I never let myself buy packaged snacks or frozen food. My shopping cart usually consists of fresh produce and chicken. I haven't really gone back to eating red meat on a constant after I did my vegetarian for a month challenge. I'll still eat it, but it's very limited to the weekends when I go out to eat with friends. 
Need some tips for eating slightly better than you are at the moment? Switch from eating white rice to brown rice, breads to wheat tortilla wraps, sugary juices to fresh smoothies or juice. Also, get creative with your salads! Stay away from iceberg lettuce, go for the Romaine, Spinach, or Spring Mix. If you still feel like a salad won't be filling, my tip to you is, add a bit of quinoa or brown rice! Some of my favorite add ins to a salad would be a nuts, cheese, carrots, feta cheese, raspberries, corn, rice, and egg. Not only does your food begin to look pretty, but you also start to feel good about the nutrients you are about to put into your body.

Have any particular salad recipes you love, I'd love to hear them! Want more tips, leave a comment below! Have fun creating your salad!

Until next time, 
Good vibes, salad, and wine ;)