Sensationail FUSE gelnamel Review (Bonus: Sensationail gel primer + base & top coat)

Monday, May 4, 2015

I am a huge gel polish lover! I do a lot of work with my hands and getting a regular manicure is usually a waste of money for me. My nail polish will always chip within the first two days. With gel polish, my nails can grow longer, won't chip, and last for as long as two weeks. However, going to the nail salon every so often can get pricey and I still have not found my go-to nail salon. Most of the salons I go to, don't have a wide variety of colors I want, or do a mediocre job on my nails. So what better solution than to get my own gel polish kit and do it myself? That's exactly what I did. I went to walmart and picked up the affordable Sensationail FUSE gelnamel kit for $13 as well as the Sensationail Gel Primer + Base & Top Coat for $10. Here is my first impression of these products:

I was initially doing a test run before I would fully commit to a review on this, but I did manage to capture some photos along the way. I followed the directions step by step. I buffed the shine off my nails, wiped each one individually with the cleanser, applied a light coat of the FUSE polish, and capped the ends before moving on to the UV light. I repeated a second coat of the polish making sure I did not have any unwanted excess. I used the UV light again and so far…everything was going well! 

I was instructed to use the cleanser to wipe off the sticky residue left on top of the nail, but I immediately noticed the shine was dulled. According to the instructions, they claimed the shine would come back over time… I also noticed a tiny tiny bit of the blue polish come off with the cleanser. It also did not feel like a regular gel polish on my nails. 
Halfway through the next day, this is what my nails looked like. The ends were beginning to chip and I began to peel away at them. I was completely convinced I was going to return this product. 

Later that day when I got home, I decided to use the primer and base & top coat that I purchased seperately with my own nail polish to see if I got better results. 

After removing the blue FUSE polish, I buffed my nail of any shine, and wiped it down with the cleanser from the FUSE starter kit. Then, I applied the primer onto each of my nails. 

Next, I applied a thin base coat and put it under the UV light from the FUSE starter kit for 30 seconds. 

After each base coat, I applied my regular nail polish and waited for it to dry. This part was tricky because you need to make sure each coat is flat and even. Once the regular nail polish was dry, I applied the gel top coat and used the UV light for another 30 seconds. 

After I was done with the base coat, I then wiped off the sticky residue with the cleanser and pads from the FUSE starter kit. My nails did not lose their shine and to this day have still not chipped on me. :) 

Honestly, I would not repurchase the Sensationail Fuse Starter Kit again, I will actually be returning it. I wasn't fond of the formula at all. 
I did however like the Sensationail primer + base & top coat. I have heard of girls being able to use their own polish by just using the top & base coat, and I'm glad I was able to do it too. Go ahead and just invest in a full hand UV light starter kit that comes with a polish and top coat. It's less time consuming and you'll be happier with the results! 

 Until Next Time!
Good Vibes, Nice Nails, and Wine… ;)