Monday, June 15, 2015

Here are some photos from my camping trip back in May. I didn't take too many photos because it was sort of a therapeutic trip I took with my friends, but I did manage to take some footage. Hopefully, I'll be able to upload a video soon! 

If anyone has been wondering where I've been or why I haven't updated my Instagram or blog lately, it's because I've been going on a lot of adventures lately. Between out of state music festivals, camping trips, and shows in Atlanta, I've been pretty busy to update my blog :( I've also been studying for a new job I just started! I get to work from home so I'll be able to work on my blog and youtube channel! 
It may actually be a while before I actually upload videos on there because I'm still experimenting with editing and music. If you're interested in what I will be vlogging about here's a quick summary about LifeWithLaly: 

LifeWithLaly: In case you haven't figured it out yet...I am Laly! It's the nickname my closest friends gave me. Music is a big part of my everyday life, every day has to have a soundtrack. I need to have my music just like I need to have my iced coffee. Follow me as I go on adventures in Atlanta or out of state for music festivals, shows, or life adventures in general! Meet the people I meet on a weekly basis. Everyone has a life story and a journey, join me as I cross paths with them. :) 

Until my next post!
(sooner than you think!)
Good vibes, iced coffee, and wine! ;)