Review: COVERGIRL truBLEND foundation + L'OREAL Voluminous Million Lashes Excess

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I'm the kind of girl who loves sticking to what she knows works best, but sometimes I get that urge to  find something bigger and better. Well guys...I don't think I've found it the drugstore anyways. I love my L'OREAL true match foundation. It's the best one I've used so far from the drugstore. I always go back to it, but recently I decided to give another guy a chance. Same goes with my mascara...although I'm more willing to explore several different mascaras! Keep reading to find out what I thought about my new purchases!

I was immediately drawn to Covergirl's truBLEND foundation because the color looked insanely similar to my skin just by looking at it. So what did I think about it? Straight to the point, this foundation wasn't for me. I'm not sure if I like the lotion feeling consistency it has, but I would consider it a light-medium coverage just because I currently have acne scaring and it was hard to cover with this foundation -with or without a brush. It did feel nice once on and the pump was a great plus, but if this was a first date, we didn't have chemistry...we didn't click. :( But remember guys, what might not work for me, could work for you. The color I used was in m5, and it cost me about $8. 

Moving on to the next product! I'm always trying out new mascaras, but I'm very picky about the type of mascara I get. I have very long lashes and have found that big brush type wands work better for me...not the plastic/rubber comb ones. Why? Because the brushes give me more volume and coat more individual lashes. So here I go, out of my comfort zone, I tried one of these rubber wands.

With the rubber comb type wands, I tend to get messy and get mascara all over my eyes. I also have a really hard time getting my bottom lashes. Maybe I just haven't quite figured out the technique for using these brushes, but the formula itself isn't bad at all. It does last long and it dries once you apply it. Totally a good thing because I've tried mascaras that somehow still feel wet on the lashes. Even after a nap, my lashes were still looking pretty good and not clumped up. Oh another thing, I really don't like mascaras that have a strong odor to them...and this isn't one of them. It has a low, mild odor.  :) I won't be returning this mascara because well...the packaging is pretty and today I received a compliment on my lashes. That's worth something right? It's going into my back-up mascaras. At around $7, I think I'll be okay keeping it. I did like the formula.  

Well guys...thats all I have for you today! I hope my personal thoughts and experiences helped you in some way. I've been so busy lately, I'm glad I had time to write up this post! I'm off to go color my roots and lighten my brows! As you can see in my photos, my roots are trying to say hello... If you enjoyed my post, follow my blog! Or follow me on google+! :) ...pssst, I have an instagram too!!! 

Until next time!
Keep the good vibes,