Review: KISS Gel Fantasy (ready to wear gel) nails

Friday, June 26, 2015

So I just want to say that I'm not a big fake nail kinda girl and this was actually my first time trying anything like this out. I was a little worried when I bought these because I use my hands a lot at work and having a missing nail...was not something I wanted happening to me. The pack came with several different sizes to fit everyone's nails. It also came with two types of adhesives; an adhesive tab and glue. After I cut my nails, I peeled off the sticky tabs and put them directly onto my nails and then pressed on each nail. I loved the way these nails looked in the box, but once I had all of them looked like I just got my nails done for my wedding. I love anything sparkly, but I think this was a little too much for my complexion. It only took me about 15 minutes to apply. Shortly after, I was out the door and on to my Atlanta adventures! That night I came back with 9 nails. Yup...not for me. I got home and applied another nail...but this time with the glue. Lesson learned? Always use the glue. It held up so much better. So what are my official thoughts?

Here it is: I love how pretty the designs are and I like that there are bigger size options for nails. Would I wear an entire set? Heck no lol. Personally, an entire hand of sparkly is too much for me. And truth is, I can't wear these with my job. However, I can absolutely wear one nail on each hand just for the design itself. It looks so much better as an accent rather than having the design on every nail. I've had mine stay on this entire week! Also, I'm not very good at drawing designs on my hand, but if I can attach a pre-designed fake nail, I will totally do it. *insert muahahahaha here* I'm currently looking into buying more. Will I buy the same brand? Maybe, maybe not. I paid about $11 for these and I think I've seen more inexpensive ones available. Think of the possibilities ladies!! 

Until Next Time!
Good vibes :)