Friday, July 17, 2015

I have a vlog channel!! And there's actually a video or two on there! I love recording when I'm out and about traveling or in Atlanta, but I never actually end up posting anything to social media. One day I decided I would give vlogging a try. I used to say my friends and I should have our own show because we always get into something. I love that my friends love to live and explore. And yes...I am a snapchat addict, but the time has come where 10 second videos and a 24hr expiration date is not enough. I'm still getting used to filming in public, but check out my first video! I don't do much talking...yet, but I do a lot of filming of friends and activities. I need to remember to look at the camera more often. 
Anyways! Check out my videos! Subscribe if you like! 

Until next time, 
Good vibes